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Generally, the world has depended on controllable power from big, centralized plants, often coal, nuclear or natural gas plants resulting in nearly severely ruining our planet and making it almost uninhabitable. Power flow has been in one direction: from the utility to the business or consumer. However, the world's electricity economy is shifting from an almost-total dependence on these large, aging, centralized power stations to a much more diverse and diffuse electricity supply system. Today, many small and independent producers are producing solar, wind, and other renewable energy resources from many different locations all over the U.S. and the world and feeding some or all of that power to the grid. This increased production of these distributed resources has disrupted the centralized power model and is resulting in a departure from centralized power plants to the creation of Virtual Power Plants.

A Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a creative alternative to centralized power-generating plants. It is a cluster of individual sites (such as homes or businesses)—each with solar panels with or without a high-capacity battery—networked together. The VPP enables these distributed energy resources and participants in demand response programs to trade in the wholesale markets that are generally reserved for large power generators.

This historic energy transition has led to the emergence of consumers who generate their own electricity and who can now sell any excess into the grid—to become producer-consumers, or “Prosumers."

The digital innovation of the VPP has changed the global energy map, giving prosumers precise and dynamic control of their energy destiny as they speed toward a cleaner, more energy-efficient, and more sustainable future. It is a new paradigm for a dynamic, flexible energy supply and demand, for prosumers, that has now come into existence.

Along the way, these newly empowered energy prosumers — whether homeowners, small to medium business owners, or huge corporations worldwide — are looking for mitigated climate change, autonomy, resiliency, and cost optimization. This is welcome news for companies facing the energy-carbon paradox. By using renewables and increasingly, other forms of clean technology such as battery storage and electric fleets, everyone now has the potential to reduce their energy costs while meeting carbon reduction targets at the same time.

As the decentralization of energy transforms ‘the one-way street’ of energy dependency into a multi-directional, multi-lane highway, prosumers can leverage more autonomous, cleaner energy sources. This energy transformation also allows for more resilient power during unpredictable outages such as the U.S. now experiences due to major weather events and wildfires. To gain the greatest financial rewards from being a prosumer, join the Solarisen Community.

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