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Turn Your Solar Panels and Battery Storage Systems Into Cash Generators.

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Joining the Solarisen Community is for all homeowners and business owners who have or want solar plus energy storage. The Solarisen Community is a cluster of distributed energy resources (generation, controllable loads and storages such as solar panels, microCHP, wind-turbines, small hydro, back-up gensets, flexible loads, batteries, etc.) which are collectively run by a central control entity as a virtual power plant.

Solarisen uses highly advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) software to aggregate these independent renewable electricity producers, consumers, and battery storage units from disparate locations into a network that provides reliable power 24 hours a day. It also enables us to bid the community’s power and flexibility into different markets by intelligently controlling the community’s feed-in and consumption to monetize them in multiple energy markets, and turn them into cash generators for homeowners and business owners who are members of the Solarisen Community.

Using highly advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) software, the Solarisen Community’s VPP provides demand response automatically, eliminating the need for day-ahead planning for utilities. The Solarisen Community’s VPP responds immediately to price signals, shifting commercial and loads, and aggregating other distributed energy resources for the community. Additionally, our VPP provides load shedding, capacity relief, and frequency regulation to the utilities.

Solarisen handles all the infrastructure, trading platforms and manages the highly advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) software. This means you get to make money from your solar panels and battery storage system all managed by Solarisen, a win-win for all participants.

As subsidies for solar PV decline over time, customers will be seeking new ways to maximize the value from their solar PV and energy storage systems. Being part of the Solarisen Community is a key way to achieve that goal.

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